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Hotels in Literature

“crutches, trusses, trolleys, slings and breeches-buoys”: Hotel Deformities in Lawrence Durrell’s “Bitter Lemons of Cyprus”

By Athanasios Dimakis Lawrence Durrell’s travelogue Bitter Lemons of Cyprus (1957) offers a vague sense of the impending calamity that follows the author’s three-year stay…
Hotels in Literature

European Hotels and Postcolonial Malaise in Simon Njami’s “African Gigolo”

By Anna-Leena Toivanen As a literary space, the hotel tends to be associated with Western literary traditions, where it often represents the “restless modern mind”…
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A Hotel-Island: Lillian Hellman’s “Metropole Hotel” (Moscow, 1944)

By Athanasios Dimakis Lillian Hellman (1905-84), the American playwright and author, visited Moscow in 1944. Her stay is recorded in her diary, which was published…
Hotels in Literature

The Queen’s Hotel as Hospitality’s Third Space: Lawrence Durrell’s “Black Book” and Michael de Larrabeiti’s “Borribles”

By James Gifford In 2010 I made a chilly October trip to London and stayed at the grand old Hotel Russell, No. 1 Russell Square,…

Hotel Modernisms: 1890-1950

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