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Hotels in Literature

Joseph Conrad’s Malabar House Hotel in “Lord Jim” (1900)

by Chryssa Marinou, Lord Jim, Joseph Conrad’s fourth novel is the story of an agent serving at an East Indian trading post, burdened by guilt…
Hotels in Literature

Edith Wharton in the “passive and featureless room” of the Charing Cross Hotel (1909)

by Anna Despotopoulou On the 4th of June 1909, Edith Wharton spent a night with her lover William Morton Fullerton at the Charing Cross Hotel…
Hotels in Literature

“sad at heart as I sat one night at Z—’s hotel, in Jerusalem”: (Proto-Modernist) Hotel Solitude in Anthony Trollope’s “A Ride across Palestine”

By Athanasios Dimakis Anthony Trollope’s short story “A Ride across Palestine” (Written in 1860, Originally published in The London Review Jan. 5, 12, 19 1861…
Hotels in Literature

Jean Rhys’s Hotels of Flux and Comfort

by Laura Oulanne Eat. Drink. Walk. March. Back to the hotel. To the Hotel of Arrival, the Hotel of Departure, the Hotel of the Future,…

Hotel Modernisms: 1890-1950

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